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Blog November 16 2020

Why You Should Backup Your Data

According to the cybercrime magazine Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2021 cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion. It is one of the greatest threats to every company on the planet and the COVID pandemic has resulted in the manifold increase of the cybersecurity breaches across countries. Reports of...

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Blog October 13 2020

Reasons Your Business Should Use a VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN is a technology that helps you establish a secure and encrypted connection over the web between your device and the server. Its main purpose is to mask your device’s identity & encrypt the data so that it remains secured from the watchful eyes of hackers ...

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Blog September 21 2020

How to Choose a Cloud Backup Provider

Whether you are a small organization or an MNC, you need a secure cloud backup and disaster recovery plan for your data. In our earlier blog, we highlighted the need of a cloud backup and as businesses turn to cloud storage and backups, it is important to know how to find the right cloud service pro...

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Blog September 07 2020

Importance of Cloud Backup for Your Business

Despite the popularity of cloud technology and its security benefits, many businesses are still unaware of the importance and need for cloud backup. Whether it’s their dependence on physical device storage or their belief that data loss can’t happen to them, running a business without a ...

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