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Blogging Catching Up In Houston

20 April

Blogging Catching Up In Houston

Corporate & Small Businesses in Houston are just starting to realise the potentials of blogging. Even though there are many tools people can use to blog about their company, life or just generally talk and voice their concerns, WordPress is quickly becoming the top contender when it comes to ease of use and a powerful adaptable system for blogging.

WordPress is a powerful, open source blog publishing system written in PHP and using a MySQL database. WordPress allows users to choose their own hosting and Domain Names for their blogs, rather than working under the domain of a blog provider (such as LiveJournal). It also gives unprecedented levels of control and functionality to those webmasters with the ability to wield it effectively. WordPress can also create search-engine-friendly URLs if the user has the necessary tools installed.

To use WordPress, you will need hosting that features PHP v4.2 or greater; MySQL v4.0 or greater; and optionally, the Apache mod_rewrite module for creating clean URLs. Your host must allow remote connections, and you must also know how to use FTP, and how to use a text editor to edit the main configuration file. WordPress is open source and is therefore free of charge to download and install. Installation is famously fast and simple.

WordPress blogs are highly customisable. Users can choose between using the default theme, downloading pre-designed themes, or building their own. It is also possible to edit downloaded themes. To use WordPress effectively, the user will need a measure of technical knowledge, however, as altering themes requires the ability to edit CSS files. WordPress allows bloggers a high level of control over comments, including CAPTCHA technology to prevent comment spam, and detailed screening options.

Despite the fact that it is very powerful, the WordPress system makes posting and editing entries extremely simple and intuitive. Although extensive documentation, and an active support community, are freely available, you will find most of the time that in the basic day-to-day business of writing, editing and posting entries to your blog, you will be able to work out from the online interface how to get along. You can easily switch between HTML and WYSIWYG views when you are writing your posts. If you're already blogging with LiveJournal, Blogger, Movable Type, or several other popular blogging sites, it is very easy to import your posts into a WordPress blog. There are various WordPress blogging clients available if you prefer not to post via a web form. It is also possible to post via email.

WordPress is an excellent, low-cost choice for anyone who wishes to host their own blog, and especially for those who have some CSS skills. There are also many plugins available which add enhanced functionality to your blog. What is more, if you wish to start your own blogging community, WordPress offers solutions for that as well.

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